Privacy Statement

Homestead Property Owners Association Inc. is setup to make the Residents of this addition more secure in their community and this site is no different. If any item is deemed objectionable, copyrighted or for whatever reason needs to be removed or modified, feel free to contact me at the link below or send in suggestions. It is believed that all information contained in this site is accurate and complete, except where omissions were deemed necessary as personal in nature and left out untill permission was given to include such information.

Written permission on forms or by email shall be gathered whenever more than just a name is added to the site. Residents are encouraged to keep in touch with Homestead Property Owners Association Inc. and provide the following information: Names of occupants, ages(birth dates), phone number and emergency contact numbers, as well as email addresses where you may be reached if needed (if, for example, something happened to your property or other family members). This information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and would never be released to anyone, except law enforcement, as could be required by law.

You may be asked from time to time to participate in committees or other local activities to help with the community and this is not ment in anyway to be a solicitation, but you may include your preferences as to when is the best day of the week and time to contact you.

In the Herald, names, addresses, and phone numbers are often given to other residents to keep us all together as a community and in touch with each other. This site obviously goes out to a much less controlled audience. If you would prefer your name, address, phone number, or certain email address not be posted here, you may provide an email address to use only for this site OR, in certain circumstances (as with children) I will set up “Nick Names” for individuals or families to receive email with your nick name in the subject line and forward it to your “unlisted” email address.

This is only the start of the “Privacy Policy” and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This may also become part of the Homestead Property Owners Association Inc., Bylaws.